Where does our waste go?

Put some Ketchup in your ski and snowboard cores.

Our team is constantly looking for more efficient and environmentally friendly ways to produce your dream set up. Critical to this search is to find ways to reduce the material waste in our processes. While enjoying some tater tots (invented in Oregon by the way) with our friends over at Red Duck Foods, we hatched a great idea to repurpose the waste created from our in house core construction. The idea was to use the waste wood core and scraps into unique condiment holders. They had a need for high quality condiment holders to compliment their delicious ketchup made from clean and honest ingredients, we had an ample supply of high quality exotic wood. The result – a match made in condiment heaven. #BYOK (Bring Your Own Ketchup)


If you have ideas about other great things we could do with our left over materials contact us.

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