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Progressive-Flex-R2_6 PROGRESSIVE FLEX CORE™ 2.0

Measurements (mm): 136 // 108 // 122
Sidecut: 21.6m @ 190cm
Weight: 10.2lbs (4.6kg) @190cm


For your convenience Deviation offers a selection of bindings that can be ordered with your skis. They come unmounted with the appropriately sized brakes for your skis. Please note that bindings are intended only for use with skis when mounted, adjusted and serviced by an authorized sporting goods retailer or authorized technician. Warranties will be void if the bindings are not mounted, adjusted and serviced accordingly.



Do you consider turning nothing more than an annoying (but occasionally necessary) way to slow down? If straight-lining open, steep terrain no matter the conditions sounds like your idea of a good time, the Function’s ridiculously damp, stiff, and stable feel will plaster a perma-grin on your face the first time you ski it. Stiffer than the Mode and with a higher tip rocker, the Function floats like a dream on the waist-deep days, and excels at powering through crust and chop when you’re hunting for leftovers. Camber underfoot, a huge turning radius, and a new playfully splayed tail ensure the Function’s ride stays predictable and fun while tracking true in no fall situations. The updated Progressive Flex Core 2.0, now with vibration-dampening purple heart sidewalls, creates the smoothest ride out there at even the most ludicrous speeds.



Immediately recognizable by its stunning purple heart sidewall, the next generation Progressive Flex Core (PFC) is an evolutionary step forward from the original. By utilizing a trio of ash, poplar, and purple heart wood torsional rigidity and sidewall durability have both improved without packing on a single pound. PFC is the secret sauce in most of our model range. By utilizing a variable width sidewall, meaning a greater portion of the core is composed of purple heart at the tips and tails, the core produces a variable dampening and response that encourages confidence. This unique and balanced flex pattern provides high speed stability and effortless linking of turns.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 188 × 16 × 16 cm
Size (CM)

172, 180, 190


Standard, Touring, Pro

Measurements (mm)

136 // 108 //122


21.6m @ 190cm


10.2 LBS / 4.6 KG @ 190 CM

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  1. McKay Richards

    These skis rip so hard and don’t have a speed limit! But are also playful! I don’t know how they do it but they do! Love these so much!

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